February 9-10’s Nashville Creativity Summit is a big undertaking for The Skillery, and an exciting one, since our intent is both to heap a bunch of new skills on creative folks, and to push creative entrepreneurs further toward success. As a bunch of entrepreneurs/creative types ourselves, it’s an intent that’s personal as much as it is business.

In hopes of offering a deeper, more specific look into the what, why, when and how behind the Nashville Creativity Summit, we wrangled some answers to frequently asked questions. We hope it gets attendees as psyched up as we are for a weekend of intense learning, doing, sharing, making, snacking and coffee drinking.

Take a look below, and learn more about the Nashville Creativity Summit on The Skillery website. Please, let us know if you have any other questions — we live to yammer about this event, and we live to yammer with members of The Skillery community.

What’s the point of the Nashville Creativity Summit?

The NCS is intended to help Nashville entrepreneurs start or grow their creative businesses. It’s an opportunity to learn from experts and connect with other entrepreneurs. It might also offer the push that budding entrepreneurs need to really jump into making their idea and their passion a business.

The folks who’ll be speaking at day one of the Summit all come from a place of doing — they’ve had to jumpstart their creativity, or sharpen their own business’ brand, or solve complicated creative problems quickly and effectively, grow a social media audience. They’re not preaching any of this stuff academically — they’re sharing real-world experience and insight into something about which they’re extremely passionate. That’s what drew us to everyone on this lineup, from Proof Branding to Parker Gates/stoke.d’s Design Thinking coaching.

The Skillery team is made up of creative entrepreneurs, and these topics — these challenges — are the things we think are the bedrock of building and growing a business in 2013. We think tapping this kind of expertise can inspire all of us, push all of us, and arm all of us to attack this entrepreneurial dream, which is as demanding as it is rewarding.

Who is the Nashville Creativity Summit geared toward?

At Saturday’s all-day conference, we have sessions planned on branding, social media engagement, Design Thinking and more. And we think it’s ideal for bloggers, creators/makers, marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, Etsy shop owners — anyone interested in starting or growing a creative business.

Day two features a busy lineup of à la carte classes and workshops taught by local experts, taking place all across the city. From bookbinding and knitting classes to mobile app creation and a full-day letterpress intensive, day two celebrates — and shares — Nashville’s creative talent.

Who are the folks speaking at the conference?

People who impress and inspire us, professionally and personally. People who’ve become experts in their fields, and people who feel passionate about sharing that expertise.

Just a few examples:

Parker Gates: Design Thinking Facilitator and Founder of stoke.d — Design Thinking is, at its core, a creative, collaborative approach to solving problems, and it’s employed by big business names, from JetBlue to the Mayo Clinic. Stanford’s d.school arms its students with it — and Parker is one of the folks at the front of the class there (he’s an executive education coach at the d.school).

Kaelah Bee: Lifestyle blogger, film photographer and mobile boutique owner — If you’re a creative type who spends some time perusing the local Internets, good chance you’ve come across Kaelah. She’s the picture of the modern entrepreneur, juggling family and multiple businesses (mobile boutique Honeybean, film portrait photography venture Him and Honey, lots more). Within that, she keeps a busy, vibrant social media presence, and has the massive gaggle of online pals to support it. She’ll be talking about growing a social media presence at the Nashville Creativity Summit, and she ain’t too shabby at that endeavor.

Matt Cheuvront: Founder and brand craftsman, Proof Branding — Matt jumped into entrepreneurship at 24, and that jump fed into the philosophy he outlines in his blog, Life Without Pants — discovering the work we want to do in order to live the life we want to live. He founded full-service branding house Proof, where he puts his entrepreneurial spirit, and skills, to work. And he and Proof teammate Micah Smith will share those skills at Saturday’s conference during their keynote, Define Your Declaration.

That’s just a snippet — everyone on Saturday’s lineup has copious amounts of expertise to share. Check them all out on the Nashville Creativity Summit Speakers page.

Why combine business-y keynotes/panels and some non-business-y classes?

The NCS is intended to be more that just a conference for entrepreneurs. It’s a celebration of creative talent and the DIY spirit.

We’ve broken the weekend into two distinct parts: a conference for Nashville’s creative entrepreneurs, and a full day of eclectic classes that are meant to both shine a spotlight on and widely share our city’s immense cache of creative talent.

More questions? Grab lots more — and registration/ticket info — at theNASHVILLE CREATIVITY SUMMIT website. The Nashville Creativity Summit runs February 9-10 at venues across Nashville. Saturday’s conference is held at the Emma offices, 9 Lea Ave.